• Guarantee of originality
  • Highest quality

Who we are

We create cosmetics for you because we care about your beautiful and well-groomed skin. Louis Santier is a high-class product inspired by the rich tradition of the best French cosmetic laboratories.

We are distinguished by the original formula of active ingredients, their comprehensive action, tempting fragrance compositions, pleasant texture and minimalist, elegant packaging design. See for yourself that Louis Santier cosmetics will professionally take care of your health and beauty.

Philosophy of operation

In order to offer professional cosmetics that will meet your expectations, you must first find out – “what do women want?” In our opinion, a woman wants, above all, effective and reliable ingredients that have a comprehensive effect on the skin.

We have created Louis Santier cosmetics with what is most important to you and in line with our philosophy: Your beauty is healthy skin that radiates youthful radiance.

Brand Pillars

Louis Santier cosmetics are the practical embodiment of our core values.

Quality you don’t expect
To meet the highest standards, we control the creation of Louis Santier cosmetics at every stage – from the first sample from the laboratory and advanced formula, through modern production, to closing the finished cream in the final packaging.

A convincing experience
We have the necessary knowledge to provide only products that are effective for the health and beauty of your skin. For this purpose, we use the experience of the best cosmetic technologists on the market.


Already at the stage of creating the cream, we cooperate with reputable producers of raw materials. We want to select the best, unique ingredients, the combination of which will give stunning results. We do not limit ourselves – we choose reliable suppliers from all over the world to be sure that your skin gets what it deserves.

When creating high-class cosmetics whose natural action is of paramount importance, we choose only proven and safe ingredients.

When creating cosmetics whose natural action is of paramount importance, we choose only proven and safe ingredients.

Modern production methods

We have technology that is used by the best laboratories, which is why Louis Santier cosmetics are of exceptional quality and effective.

Our production process is constantly under advanced control, as well as the devices themselves. Thanks to this, you can be 100% sure that you provide your skin with safe and high-quality preparations.

Only carefully selected ingredients in optimal doses

The effectiveness of the cosmetic depends not only on the formula itself, but also on the quality of individual ingredients. They have been selected to complement each other, which results in above-average results for your skin.

Thanks to them, your skin receives only the best. In this way, we improve its condition and regenerate it for your beauty.

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