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Cookies policy

  1. This website uses  cookies in  for the purpose of providing the service, in accordance with  Cookies policy. Information registered in  cookies are used, among others  down  advertising purposes and  statistical. It also helps to adapt the Website to  individual preferences of the User.
  2. In addition to the data contained in  cookie files. The website does not  collects in  automatic way of any other information.
  3. Cookies are used in  the following purposes:
    1. Adapting the content of the Website to  individual preferences of the User and  optimizing the use of  websites. Cookies make it possible to recognize the device of the Website User and  properly display the website, adapted to  his needs;
    2. Create statistics that help understand in  how the users of the website use  websites; It helps  improve the structure and  site content;
    3. Maintaining the Website User’s session (after  logging in). Thanks to this, the User does not  must on  enter the login on each subpage and  passwords;
    4. Providing Users with advertising content tailored to  their needs.
  4. IN  The website uses the following types of cookies:
    1. Cookies enabling the use of  services available in  as part of the Website;
    2. Security cookies;
    3. Cookies enabling the collection of information about  how to use  The service;
    4. Functional cookies that allow you to remember selected by  User settings, e.g.  language, font size, etc;
    5. Advertising cookies, enabling users to provide advertising content tailored to  their individual interests.
  5. If you are using  Service without  changes to the browser settings regarding cookies, they will be saved in  Your device. You can in  change the cookie settings at any time  your browser. These settings can be changed in  such a way to either  block the automatic activation of cookies in  browser settings or  inform you about  saving cookies on  Your device. Detailed information about  possibilities and  the methods of handling cookies are available in  software (web browser) settings.
  6. Disabling cookies may affect  some functionalities available on  websites of the Service.
  7. Cookies placed in  the end device of the Website User may then be used by  cooperating with  Advertisers’ website i  partners.

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