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The passage of time and the ubiquitous stress clearly affect your skin. It requires more than ordinary cosmetics. Inspired by the exceptional quality of French care, Louis Santier creates original Eternelle creams that are women’s skin’s best friend. Our products combine innovative technologies with patented ingredients of the highest quality.

In a study, 80% of women confirm that Louis Santier products are extremely effective in smoothing the skin of the face *.







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Thousands of creams sold, thousands of satisfied women

We create unique and sophisticated care concepts for the face and body, including lifting serums, lifting creams, anti-wrinkle creams, as well as buttocks and bust firming creams. We offer you a comprehensive, round-the-clock approach to skin care, because only such a method brings measurable benefits.

The innovative works of our skilled cosmetic technologists are GMO-free. They were created in accordance with the highest standards  quality  GMP  and  ISO.

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Your skin deserves sensual care

Our values are universal: your beauty, your radiance and your confidence are the most important. Stay indifferent to the passage of time and changing trends. Choose Eternelle cosmetics from Louis Santier – classic, elegance and sophisticated style. Magnetic and eternal.

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Especially for you - a woman aware of her beauty

Do you know what the word “eternelle” on every Louis Santier product means? “Eternal, timeless”, because classics and class are just like that: everlasting and always up-to-date. Reach for our cosmetics and see that your skin can receive dignified and caring care.

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* In vivo study conducted in an independent laboratory on a group of 20 women.

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