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Ovashape - Body care from Louis  Santier

With age, female skin becomes more and more flabby and dull, so it is worth engaging the best cosmetics to keep it in good condition. The parts of the body that testify to attractiveness, such as the buttocks and cleavage, are particularly vulnerable to disastrous effects. To take care of them and improve their appearance, it is worth using one of the most effective creams on the market today – Ovashape.

Ovashape Bust Serum and Ovashape Butt Serum are a professional care and modeling treatment. The effect of their use has been appreciated by thousands of women whose breasts and buttocks have obtained the expected, youthful appearance. After using Ovashape creams, the skin is nourished and taut, shiny and well-groomed.


Bust firming serum

What are Ovashape creams?

An attractive woman is aware that the first impression can only be made once. The most important thing is well-being, inner peace and appearance, and the eternal attributes of femininity – bust and buttocks play an important role in it. Taking care of your skin becomes in this case an important element of the first impression. Now it is possible, because there are safe, high-class cosmetics.

Ovashape creams are the best way to care for the sensitive skin of the bust and buttocks. Among them, the Ovashape Bust serum and the Ovashape Butt serum have an excellent lifting effect. They have a simple task: restore proper skin tension, improve and round the shape of a selected part of the body, and take care of effective hydration and nourishment.

How do Ovashape creams work?

Ovashape creams have an extremely effective lifting and firming effect. Ovashape Bust Serum helps to maintain the proper tension of the breast skin and ensures proper hydration and nourishment. It effectively protects the outer layers and visibly stimulates repair processes. Additionally, it can stimulate the growth of fatty tissue under the skin. As a result, the breasts gain youthful elasticity, and their skin is smooth and satin to the touch.

Ovashape Butt Serum is a preparation that firms and shapes the buttocks. It has a composition of active ingredients that visually improve the shape and volume of the buttocks, making them more rounded and fuller. The serum naturally fills the buttocks, improving their volume, providing a push-up effect. The buttocks become fuller, lifted and enhanced. With regular use, the serum prevents the skin from sagging and changing its structure.

What are the benefits and effects of using Ovashape?

Women who regularly use Ovashape creams appreciate their effects, which has been noted in independent consumer research.

Discover the benefits of Ovashape Bust serum:

– clear hydration and smoothing of the skin

– unification of the skin structure and alignment of its color

– restoring skin tension and elasticity

– remodeling the roundness of the bust and restoring its volume

– anti-aging effect and prevention of breast sagging

– achieving a push-up effect

– effective antioxidant and lifting effect

Discover the benefits of Ovashape Butt serum:

– clear hydration and smoothing of the skin

– unification of the skin structure and alignment of its color

– restoring skin tension and elasticity

– getting more round and lifting the buttocks

– supporting the reduction of cellulite

– preventing sagging skin and improving its elasticity

– effective antioxidant and lifting effect

Are Ovashape creams effective?

The buttock firming serum and the breast modeling serum are compositions of advanced, active ingredients, the effectiveness of which has been proven by numerous scientific studies. Ovashape creams have many strongly lifting properties. These cosmetics are very efficient, have a velvety texture and are quickly absorbed, leaving the skin smooth and tight. This is also confirmed by the opinions of satisfied consumers.

The use of Ovashape creams allows you to modulate and lift both the buttocks and the bust and take care of their skin condition. As a consequence of the visual enhancement of these body parts, it provides a more seductive appearance.

The nourishing effect of the Ovashape Butt serum was noticed by 65% of women participating in an independent study, and as many as 70% of the participants confirmed the clear regenerating effect of the skin *.

* In vivo study conducted in an independent laboratory on a group of 20 women.

How to use Ovashape correctly - instructions for use.

Ovashape has a thick cream formula that is very pleasant to apply to the skin. After light application, it is quickly absorbed, so there is no trace of it in a few minutes. It does not leave any greasy layer. The firming can be felt immediately, but the lasting effects will be obtained after longer use.

For even more benefits, it’s a good idea to use a microcirculation-enhancing cold shower and self-massage before using Ovashape. During the bath, you can do a massage or peeling by gently massaging the selected part of the body from the bottom up. A good method is also a firming massage, which effectively improves the appearance and hydration of the skin. It is best done with a good oil for greater comfort.

What ingredients do Ovashape creams contain?

Ovashape Butt Serum improves the skin, making the pupa tighter and fuller. This is due to Volufiline ™ – a bio-extract from the Asian Gardenia Asiatica plant, which naturally stimulates the accumulation of lipids in fat cells. Among the active ingredients of Ovashape Butt there is also the vegetable protein hydrolyzate Pronalen Flash Tense, which provides the buttocks with a push-up effect. Other components are satenol A (bakuchiol), Dolcevia®, Sterocare PH® red clover isoflavones, Early Boost® plant-based taurine, hyaluronic acid, collagen, cranberry extract, apple extract, vitamin E and shea butter.

Ovashape Bust Serum also contains Voluform ™. This active ingredient remodels the roundness of the bust and restores volume to the breasts. In addition, the serum contains Pronalen Flash Tense (vegetable protein hydrolyzate enriched with a bipolar polymeric agent, which causes an immediate tightening effect, firms and provides a push-up effect). The action of the cream is complemented by Sterocare PH®, as well as hyaluronic acid, which moisturizes and reduces the external signs of aging of the body. Also, Ginko Biloba extract (ginkgo biloba extract) has anti-aging properties, improves firmness, reduces the fragility of capillaries and protects the skin against the aging effects of free radicals. Thanks to the content of valuable coconut, argan and avocado oils, as well as mango and shea butter, the serum has a moisturizing, nourishing and regenerating effect.

Can anyone use Ovashape creams?

Ovashape creams are recommended for women who want to keep their buttocks and breasts look beautiful and in good condition. These cosmetics do not have any particular contraindications to use. They work safely on skin that shows signs of aging, is flabby and dull. With regular use, Ovashape proves to be an effective modulator of the roundness of the buttocks and breasts, and a unique skin regeneration of these parts of the body.

The biggest advantages of Ovashape creams.

– effective moisturizing and smoothing the skin of the bust and buttocks

– unification of the skin structure and alignment of its color

– giving both parts of the body youthful elasticity and firmness

– moisturizing and restoring skin elasticity

– remodeling the roundness of the bust and buttocks

– restoring the volume of the bust and buttocks

– anti-aging effect and prevention of sagging of both parts of the body

– effective antioxidant and lifting effect

Are Ovashape creams safe?

Unlike any surgical or chemical skin manipulation intended to rejuvenate the skin, Ovashape creams are safe to use. They do not cause any side effects because they contain natural, tested extracts. However, it should not be used during holidays, when our body is exposed to the sun and exposed to long sunbathing. In this case, the serum will not have time to properly absorb itself into the tissue.

What are the opinions of women after treatment with Ovashape creams?

On social networks, internet forums, and also during consumer research, a number of favorable reviews of satisfied women who used Ovashape creams were obtained. Consumers most often emphasized the speed and effectiveness of action and the consistency of the serum.

“It’s amazing how different the effect can be before and after using Ovashape Bust. The literal breasts grow before the eyes. The push-up effect appeared after 3 weeks of use. Every time I applied the serum, I had the feeling that I really care about my appearance and health. This serum is my personal discovery. “

“Ovashape Butt was recommended to me by a friend. We practice words together, but it was always she who had more raised buttocks, the skin of which was surprisingly shiny. When I started my adventure with Ovashape, I saw that not only exercise is important. It is also a diet and daily care activities, including my favorite cream. Needless to say, since the effects have emerged, I have the feeling that both men and women are watching me more. “

Does using Ovashape creams have side effects?

The ingredients of Ovashape creams are substances that do not cause irritation or itching. They were composed in such a way as to act comprehensively and safely on the skin of the buttocks and breasts. However, it should be remembered that creams should not be used by people allergic to any of the ingredients.

What is the price of Ovashape creams and where to buy them?

Original Ovashape creams can only be purchased on the Louis Santier website. They are protected against possible counterfeits and packed in designer boxes. Currently, they are available in a promotional offer – 50% cheaper (plus free shipping). It is not recommended to buy Ovashape creams elsewhere, because you can find counterfeit products. On the Louis Santier website, you will find all the relevant information that details how Ovashape creams work.

Are Ovashape creams a good choice?

Ovashape creams are one of the best solutions for women who want to have a healthy and beautiful breasts and buttocks. They effectively work on the condition of the skin and leave it moisturized and toned. These crucial parts of the body become lifted after several weeks of treatment with Ovashape, which makes them look youthful. This makes a woman feel attractive and good in her skin.

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