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How to effectively care for the delicate skin of the body in need of hydration?

Each of us wants not only to look beautiful, but also to feel healthy in our skin. We know that how we look outside is a reflection of what we have inside. This is why a well-groomed skin and nourished complexion prove that a woman knows how to take care of her health. Being aware of this is extremely important because it allows for regular activities that keep the body in good physical and mental condition.

There are several fundamental principles that help the skin stay beautiful and rejuvenated. It is best to use them at an early age so that they enter our blood and become part of a healthy ritual performed every day. So, how to make the skin soft, supple and moisturized?

Important rules that will make the skin look beautiful and healthy

First, let’s look at the effects of solar radiation on our body. Being in the sun, especially in the summer in the hottest hours, is fatal for our skin. When exposed to the strong influence of the sun, it becomes rough, inelastic, stains and discoloration appear on the surface, wrinkles appear, neoplastic processes intensify, collagen and elastin disappear.

Of course, this is the case when our body is regularly and intensively exposed to sunlight during unreasonable sunbathing. Therefore, to protect your skin, you should go out in the sun with a sunscreen suited to your skin type. Use it several times and remember to give up sunbathing between 11am and 4pm to avoid overheating, stroke and burns.

A healthy bath, i.e. a shower, mild soap and gentle drying

Daily care for the skin should begin with checking its condition after bathing. If it is too dry, it is a good idea to use soap-free or lipid-rich products to clean it.

It is worth taking a shower instead of bathing in a bathtub, which is better because it does not dehydrate the skin. The water should be lukewarm, not hot, and it is good to change its temperature from time to time. This not only toughens the skin, but also has a good effect on skin tension.

After showering, rinse your body well and dry yourself gently with a towel instead of vigorous rubbing. The next step should be to moisturize the skin with a suitable cream to restore its hydro-lipid layer.

Warm clothes, drinking water, a good diet and a good night's sleep

In winter, the skin is particularly sensitive and prone to irritation, as cold and wind dry it. It is then unpleasantly coarse and prickly, so remember to dress warmly and protect your face and hands with appropriate creams that do not contain water. Contrary to these creams – let’s not forget that our body always needs good hydration in the form of an adequate amount of fluids.

We should drink about 8 glasses of water a day. The first in the morning, the next ones during the day, and at night the best herbal or fruit tea. A well-balanced diet also affects the condition of our skin. It is a good idea to eat a few antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables each day. And after the day is over – the most important and most effective home remedy for beauty and health – sleep. It should last a minimum of 7 hours, but each body needs a slightly different amount of sleep, depending on the genes.

Good skin creams

If we remember all these rules, and additionally cleanse the body of nicotine, alcohol and other harmful substances – all we need to do is choose the right creams. Recently, inexpensive creams with a great composition appeared that are worth trying. All of them come from the offer of the new Louis Santier brand.

Éternelle Lifting day cream is not only a cosmetic that nourishes and moisturizes well. It has an anti-wrinkle effect on skin that is tired with the passage of time and stress. It can give the skin a youthful appearance, radiance and vitality. Another cosmetic from Louis Santier – active night serum, provides the skin with silky smoothness and redefines facial features by modeling its contours. By using both cosmetics, we can be sure that we care for our appearance with the best and most effective preparations.

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